Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Landscape Ecstasy

My elation radiates from my soul to my toes, and to the ends of my being. The trees are here. And the callas, blue hibiscus, and Lirope muscari, the cuphea and flowering maple are all here. We have Tibouchina, box leaf euonymus, and Anisodontea Tara's Pink. And plum, apple, blood orange, carrot wood, camphor and Feijoa. And finally, we chose a tree for the 'island' in front of the house; a big, shady mulberry. I chose Juniper conferta Blue Pacific to frame the stone path to the top of the slope, and also a climbing rose for the chickens' new fenced yard. Morning glories will be planted on the fence, and New Zealand tea trees will fill in spaces along the road above the pool.

Even staggered about the yard, in boxes and black plastic pots, the green is so soothing and fresh. What a treat it has been to witness this process; the property was so neglected and forlorn, empty and dry. And now we are seeing it blossom and bloom. It will be a wonderful transformation. I stood under the mulberry tree, the first shade this yard has known from a tree, and it felt sweet. There is a breeze rustling the leaves. The leaves are lobed and serrated and ribbed. The trunk is smooth, and the canopy spreads out, like an umbrella. I can see many good life moments under this tree.

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