Thursday, August 08, 2002

Happy Tired

Yesterday the men rolled out carpets of deep green grass. In short time our yard was verdant, lush and inviting. Alex watched the whole process and he prepared and planted a grassy field for his chickens, so everyone is enjoying the new yard.

Later I joined the landscapers in planting Lirope muscari, impatiens, Sweet William, vincas, callas and ferns. They thought a homeowner on her hands and knees in the garden was a novelty. I could never imagine not touching the dirt, digging holes, tucking in flowers and shrubs. I needed a lot of help to build the canvas, but no one has to apply the paint for me.

They planted 4 carrotwood trees in the back, and one camphor, and in the front is the mulberry, an ornamental plum, and a loquat. Down the driveway are the citrus, including the delicious blood orange specially delivered by Janice, Maddie, Nate, Lydia and Chip, their puppy. And along the corral side is a Santa Rosa plum, red Fuji apple, Washington navel and a Kadota fig.

Today came my moment of weakness; actually it lasted about 1/2 an hour. Nacho was lamenting the lack of plants to place around the tree, so I volunteered to go forth and return with some Mondo grass, and 2 bags of silica for Victor. To make a short story long...I had to call Victor from the Nursery and ask him to meet me with his truck! We loaded a carrotwood, a magnolia, a crape myrtle with lavender blossoms, seven blue hibiscus, more Tara's Pink, and a 15 gallon Mulberry for the lower slope before the corral. Plus other stuff; I think you get the idea. If it seems like a lot (it is,) remember that we are distributing all of this over 2 acres; two empty acres.

I am running around today; outside to help plant, back inside to feed Max, out again to confer with the tile setters working on the pool, inside to record music for the party, out to clear junk off the porch and find WD40, back in to feed Max again. In anticipation of the party, I am trying to clean the house and make it snap, but I also have to keep 3 boys entertained and comfortable, so...well, so I'm busy.

I am tired. And I am happy. There are moments when the stress is a bit much, but then I pause and reflect on the source. This life is too good and full, to complain about. I have the profound blessings of resources, choices, friends, family and the grace to recognize the incalculable worth of all of this. I enjoy my privileges with gratitude, awe and humility. It's good to be tired.

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