Thursday, September 26, 2002

DPMPMS :: Delayed Post-Menstrual Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

My recent bout with zero productivity was interpreted as possibly PMS related.

This is an interesting suggestion, but the diagnostician didn't have all of the related data; it's too late in the month for the 'Pre' portion. Maybe what I am experiencing is a conditioned that has not yet been featured in the New England Journal of Medicine, or Cosmo.

During my PMS window I was too busy for the typical symptoms, but because I could not release those emotions, satisfy the cravings, or honor the funkiness, I created a case of Delayed Post-Menstrual Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, with minor indications of MCB (Middle Class Blues: nameless dread and loss of perspective concerning personal good fortune, material and spiritual.) OR we are seeing Deer Syndrome: Person with so much to do, she is stopped in her tracks like a deer facing an oncoming Winnebago.

Fascinating...this requires more thought, perhaps something with chocolate as well.

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