Friday, December 20, 2002

It must be Christmas, because I just ate a tamale and because I opened another little package. Both gifts were full of delicious treats. My mother's tamale was full of pearls and gems. She made earrings and necklaces for me and Grandmother. Oops...was I really expected to wait 'til Christmas Day? My bad. Grandma made me do it! The other tamale came with Aunt Becky and Uncle Dan, and on a plate with frijoles it was a jewel to behold, but even better to eat.

Tonight we'll have a little more of our early Christmas; enjoying Becky and Dan's company and celebrating with Grandma and Grandpa before we travel again. We'll be with Holly, Rich and Nicholas Christmas Eve, and then with Tutu and Grandpa Corm for Christmas dinner. With a family as big as ours "Home for the Holidays" can be a very broad and wide spread proposition! Halloween in Wisconsin. Thanksgiving in Oregon. And Mele Kalikimaka in Kona. And looking ahead... on Mother's Day we will see our family really grow, when Bill and Alison are married.

Another greeting card came today, and a big package too. I'm done shopping, honest. Max is desperate for "just one present I can open right now, please?" I even got around to hanging some lights on the front porch. It's not perfect; the boys are still sick, and the house is messy. No matter. We still have tamales.

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