Sunday, December 29, 2002

Somewhere in the Pacific...

This is where we sat and chewed on sugarcane, and guavas. This is where we saw the humpback whales spouting and breaching. Mauna Kea stands behind us and the Pacific before us and the boys are running all around us. I am so happy that our camera was able to capture the rainbow that kept appearing and changing, the clouds touching down on the water's surface. The day was breezy and cool. Cool for a tropical Island. Film doesn't capture the mild fragrance of flowers and fruit, the smell of distant rain heavy clouds. You'll have to imagine the birds calling from the ironwood trees, the lazy moo of cows in faraway meadows.

We walked through cane as thick and tall as...alas, total simile void. The cane was taller than Geoff and growing so densely we had to stomp and trudge over and through it, with little indication of which direction we were heading. We were in search of a safe passage across the gulch. Along the way we found a lava tube, and an old cane road, and a dry waterfall. And once we crossed the gulch we stood in an avenue of ironwood trees. They stood apart, making a soft and graceful path, and above their branches swayed to meet. This is where I sat and gave thanks.

The ironwood trees across the gulch.

Corm and Geoff at the bottom of the lot, Hamakua, Hawaii.

Towering over my head, the lovely sugarcane.

Cyrus, Stephen, and Alex with his favorite fruit, and Geoff. Checking out Ruth and Corm's newly finished garden shed.

Our dear neighbors and friends from back home met us in Hamakua :: Stephen, Candace, and Cyrus

Looking east, out over the Pacific, where we've been watching the whales, and rainbows.
Geoff and Max were out exploring the newly mown grass.

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