Friday, January 03, 2003


This is Aloha Friday. Time to slip in to your favorite muu muu and head out in to the world with a smile and full heart.

I have to say it is very easy and quite a pleasure to pick up the local style and customs. This is a great place to be a woman, with or without curves. Back home dressing up means too much effort- the hosiery, make up, shoes and mall fashions. The sweet femininity of a flowing and floral dress, flowers in my hat or hair are a fun change from my usual uniform of jeans and T shirt. When we were here two years ago, my mom and grandmother were Hilo Hattie regulars. They were fitted for beautiful dresses of bright color, graceful cut and ruffles. Grandmother's straw hat was ringed with a lei of silk flowers. The photographs of them show their comfort and pleasure. They look pretty.

For some sad reason those same happy clothes just don't translate on the mainland. Even in casual California, the flowing tropical dresses seem too laid back, and flowers in the hair too cliche. I hope the Islands never adopt the cynical and dry fashions so prevalent in the rest of the states. Am I the only one who is tired of seeing raggedy, acid washed jeans with deliberate tears and worn like sausage casing? Too many clothes in magazines and on the sales floors look resigned to some dark and apathetic future. Pretentious sophistication. Tragically hip, come hither cropped tops or walking ads for some East Coast design persona. Yuck.

Hele on to Hilo Hatties and fit me for a big flower dress with room to breath and colors to celebrate. Or maybe I'll try on a purple sarong. For sure I will get some flowers for my hair.

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