Saturday, January 04, 2003

Got Hula?

Aloha Friday at the Keauhou Shopping Center, Kailua Kona, Hawaii

We went to the mini mall, where Aloha Friday is recognized with ukelele lessons, lei making and an evening of Polynesian dancing. Corm popped and bagged pop corn; he's Poppa Corn Man. We sat near the stage where the women and keiki (children) entered. They are a talented group of girls and young women who perform traditional hulas and other Pacific Island dances. The young girls were especially fun to watch, because they wore their emotions so openly. One girl was clearly thrilled; she smiled broadly and seemed to be having a good time. Max stretched out on the concrete and munched pop corn, and we all enjoyed an evening of free and fun entertainment.

My brother Bill will appreciate this: after hula, we went to Bianellis for dinner. Bill went there with Ruth and Corm during Iron Man. They thought they were taking him to a quiet local place, but it turned to be full of the athletes and journalists that Bill knew. The restaurant is at a new and larger location; probably more convenient for the crowds. They still serve good food. Max was already sound asleep when we got there, and Alex nearly passed out as well. They were pretty tired after our afternoon tumbling around in the big surf at Kahaluu.

Today we head out to visit more beach and more cowboy country and maybe the farm too. I hope to find a well stocked feed store where I can visit some chicks and other livestock. I must be feeling a bit homesick for my own chicas.

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