Thursday, January 02, 2003

Happy New Year!

Not something we can get at home, but these are from the Kailua Costco!

We were out at the acres lighting fire works, and gazing up at the heavens, and feasting on weenies au ketchup. The fireworks were loud and sparkly. The boys were thrilled to have the privillage of playing with minor explosives. Corm constructed a super deluxe toilet seat and platform. Geoff mowed a semi private area, dug a pit and leveled the ground for our lua throne. It was both rustic and lovely. (Geoff disagrees with "lovely." I was peeing and watching a million stars; isn't that lovely? Also, the option was to hike down to the Kukui tree, and no Mexican would ever drop her calzones next to a Kukui, no matter how you spell it.) So, with our tents, picnic table and entertainment we were set to welcome the new year. But who would ever guess that we'd be cold? Very cold! The frost was on the papaya, as the locals say. Shame it wasn't too cold for the mosquitoes! No matter. We had a good time.

On the 30th we drove up to Hawi and Kapaau. Hawi is small and artsy and a step back in time. We had a pretty good lunch there at Hula La, and then went on to Kapaau. Kapaau is smaller and artsy and a step back in time. The boys enjoyed running on the grass and around the coconut trees by the King Kamehameha statue. From here we drove the 250 from Hawi to Waimea, which is one of my favorite scenic drives ever. The rolling hills are Crayola green and the road winds around from rural ranches and up to summits with distant ocean views. Everywhere are cows, dozing or grazing, and wooly gray sheep on the gentle slopes. We could clearly see the observatories atop Mauna Kea. It is remote and quiet and timeless. At the end of the journey is Paniolo Country, where the Mexican cowboys came to Hawaii. Their contribution to the landscape and culture make it a familiar and comfortable place for me.

Today our hosts are at work; even in paradise. So, we are off to town to play at being tourists. I must buy post cards and take pictures of banyans, the bay and the boys. We may snorkel and swim some more, or kayak by the King Kam. Alex has not had his fill of guavas, and Max needs new shoes. I hope all our family and friends are enjoying the pleasures of a new year. Aloha.

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