Friday, January 31, 2003

Minor triumph for me, the Chicken Blogger, and big splash for two Big Island Boys. My technology lessons are going swimmingly! These two boys were enjoying the high tide and gentle surf; which made ideal pools for jumping in to. It took several takes to capture them in mid leap, but they were thrilled to oblige. They loved seeing themselves, since the camera could show each take, and they eagerly made many jumps, so they could take another look at their performance. One of them was concerned about the second shot and asked, "Hey, where's my leg? Look, look. No leg! " he laughed.

We have spent many days swimming and snorkeling at this little bay in Kailua. It is nearly always calm, and sheltered from the big surf. It's a great gathering place for families, experienced swimmers and novice fish seekers. Now that both Alex and William are strong swimmers, we were able to go out all together, towing Max on the boogie board. We always see colorful fish, including the
humuhumu-nukunuku-a-pua`a and the 'fearsome' puffer fish. Sea turtles were what Max enjoyed seeing the most, and it seems that there are more and more of them every time we return, which is awesome.

Even on the busiest days the beach and water never feel crowded; at least not in an annoying way. Everyone there is happy, enjoying the ocean. Tourists, locals, young and old; people seem under the spell of the Island and all are there to revel in a childlike day of play and discovery. It's no place to blare boom*boxes or bikini pose on the boardwalk. This is a place to let down your guard, get sand in your shorts, eat shave ice and meet new friends. Plenty of Aloha.

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