Thursday, January 30, 2003

This morning I am getting a technology lesson. Geoff is teaching me how to transfer digital images from one file to another. Now I can subject all my friends and family to an enhanced Chicken Blog!

This particular image is meaningful and interesting on many levels. First, it recalls a fun camping trip we made New Year's Eve, and secondly it is a reminder that no matter how far we come with our fancy technological advances, we still have very basic needs. Our rustic facility was a tremendous improvement; much more convenient than searching for suitable shrubbery. And check out the view! Few places can boast of this kind of scenery.

Credits: Design and construction-Jim. Mowing, digging and leveling-Geoff.
Photographer and "in-nalga-ural" contributer-Natalie.

I hope everyone has a moving day, flush with success.

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