Friday, March 21, 2003

My First Link

Needed to find something to share, as I am learning to 'link:'

This article carries a lot of weight for us.

It worked! Oh. This is cool.
Of course we are accustomed to seeing these links throughout the internet, but I am quite thrilled to have figured out how to spin a web of my own.

In 1990, when Geoff first called me down to our basement to see the internet, surf the web, I had no idea. No pictures. Slow, and abstract. My favorite part was reading Dan Quail quotes. Now, I am hooked. For research, for fun, for staying in touch or just mouthing off, the internet is marvelous. Next I will figure out (read: make Geoff do it) how to include an "email me link" or "comments section."

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