Thursday, March 20, 2003

Good Grief People

So far my two favorite uncomfortable war moments include:

1. Katie Couric and retired generals discussing missiles and stepping all over the big map of Saudi Arabia.

2. The CNN journalist aboard a carrier: 'Okay, I don't know if you can see this at home ( and really we can't "see" because it is dark, static...fuzzy feed...) this is live everyone and if I can just point out to you...okay, Bob is in the aircraft and he's waving...this is live and he's waving from the aircraft...are you seeing this? There he is waving live from inside the aircraft. We are here live...'

Stuff like this simultaneously disturbs and amuses me. Katie can't just go clicking across all those countries rolled out across the studio floor- it's tacky. And Kymberly, or Kyra or whatever her name is, should go back to where ever she came from and stick to doing the weather or reports on the community softball league. Watching pilots and civilians wave at the camera, before taking off to drop bombs is not NEWS. It is undignified, shallow and mind numbing journalism, even when it's 'live.'

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