Thursday, May 08, 2003

Toothbrushes and socks, ties and camera film; we are checking our inventory, and preparing for our weekend adventure...

Since my brother and his intended live far away, I feel a little detached from the total significance of the coming event. I wish they did not live so far away. I wish I could drop by and hang out, meet them for a bike ride, or for coffee at The Buttery. My brother is getting married. He has met a woman that shares his humor, and his passion for cycling and being outdoors. He has met a woman who can share her interests in boating and water sports. Bill and Alison laugh heartily, lightly, easily. They are both adored by their families, and they return the love and respect. I have always felt certain that Alison is a special woman. She is close to her brother and sister, her mom and dad, and as long as I can remember she has welcomed Bill in that special circle. I am deeply happy for them both; they will be lasting, and forever loving partners.

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