Sunday, May 11, 2003

Wedding Shower

Blogging live from the Alison and Bill wedding weekend! My husband casually informs he has brought all necessary tools, so I can write all about it. Naturally I want to document everything, but we have been too busy having a whole lotta fun, and I should be preparing for even more activity ahead. This is the actual wedding day, so there is much to do. And so far there has been a dinner out, the rehearsal, golfing for the guys and Amy the "down to Earth" drinking cart driver, a shower, and a visit to the Mystery Spot for William, Alex, Max and cousins Jared and James, Grandpa Smiley, Tio Elias, and dads Spencer and Geoff (wish I had pictures of this!)

And last night was an absolutely amazing rehearsal dinner in the home of Alison's aunt and uncle, Annette and Richard. Amazing and beautiful and generous are a small sample of adjectives that begin to describe the gathering. My brother has found himself a wonderful family, and last night we were made to feel as welcome as family. Their home and cooking, and the presentation and the half dozen aunts, uncles and cousins working away in the kitchen and at the grill were a sight to behold. Dinner was delicious...salmon, pasta, grilled beef, and tasty morsels with artichokes and cheese, a salad with almonds and cranberries, and more and more, and everything so beautifully served. I won't talk about how delicious dessert was. It would be cruel to describe the rich chocolate, the creamy and cool coffee ice cream... Laughter, love and celebration. Life is good.

I have taken many's what I do. This computer and software is a whole new ball of wax for me, so pictures will be forthcoming, except for this one image I was able to somehow "magic" in to the right format. This was taken at the wedding shower Mom and I cohosted in our hotel suite. It was fun getting to know some of Alison's friends and family and hearing a little about how we all met, and know the bride and groom. Let me introduce some of us:

Back row: Elisa is seated, then Junie, Tia Blanca, my sister Cristina, behind her is Sarah, in front of her is my Aunt Elizabeth, then Aunt Becky and cousins Julie, Deborah and Becky, Laura is holding baby McKenna, then Paola is on the end.
On the sofa: Grandma Tita, Alison the bride and her Mom Terry, my Mommy Delia, my sister in law Gretchen.
Front row: The bridesmaids! Maid of honor Melisa, me, Jill and Alison's sister Tracy.

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