Friday, May 16, 2003

Those Beautiful/Painful Red Shoes

There are some things we hear and repeat, and come to believe, like "early to bed, early to rise etc..." and "beauty hurts..." and that shoes can be "broken in." But what I have learned is that shoes seldom ever get broken in; it is my feet that get broken in, and blistered, and tender and squooshed and abused. These days I indulge my feet with shoes that comfort and sustain. My boots do nicely, so do my garden clogs and even the little black mules, that I wear on dressy occasions, are comfortable.

Admittedly, those sexy, red strappy little things we wore for the wedding were hot. Boots would have clashed, fuzzy slippers would have been offensive, purple clogs were a tad too practical. But thank God we agreed to a 3rd quarter, end of the formalities back up shoe for dancing and mingling! We all agreed that we would be far more able to enjoy the reception in something as snazzy, but far less tilted, and it was Melisa that ran the successful mission of mercy to Payless Shoes.

Relief, and style. It was too late to
save my feet from blisters,
but I was still grateful for the switch!

And why should the bride suffer? Fortunately, Alison had her plan worked out from the beginning. By the time dancing and partying was in full swing we rushed to the dance floor with her white, sequined thongs. With a little assistance she was ready to go!

"Beauty hurts?" Forget about it!

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