Friday, June 27, 2003

LEGO Sheep

Our only goat, so far...

Continuing our Summer vacation album...we went by Legoland this week. If we did not live in the "neighborhood" already we would have had to move within driving range of this theme park. No other toy or subject holds our boys' thoughts and hearts the way Legos do. I won't bore you with my master's thesis: "Why Legos are Educational and Very, Very Good for Life." If you could see the three dimensional Lego Yoda bust decorously featured in our living room then you could begin to comprehend what I am dealing with.

We stopped at the big tent sale, so the boys could drop off some of their hard earned cash, in exchange for more building sets. I must say it is a genuinely cost saving, consumer friendly sale. Then we went to the newly opened BIONICLE Evolution. It is a room devoted to BIONICLES, like an interactive museum.

They can sit at tables and build Pohatu Nuva and Onua Nuva.

This is Alex's favorite theme.

William is the resident BIONICLE expert.*

We went up to Castle Hill. William rode the Dragon Coaster. We all climbed and ran through the rope ladder, moving bridge, play center. In Mini Land we took a peek at the master builders, and saw that they are busy developing a camping theme; complete with a bon fire and RV, tents and a little propane stove. Creative themes and models are everywhere at Legoland.

I love his beaded poncho.

A day at Legoland leaves the boys refreshed,inspired, and eager to return to their own Lego room at home. I think I may offer them their first Lego model commission: A few charming farm animals in the garden, bringing together two of our passions.

We could add chickens too.

*Technical advice, spelling, and BIONICLE research provided by adviser and resident fan, William.

Max, William, and Alex.

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