Thursday, June 26, 2003

What's new at the Zoo: Nighttime entertainment

We have no formal vacation plans, but living in Southern California, one doesn't have to go far to find some Summertime fun. This week we popped over to the Zoo to enjoy the extended hours and new attractions. We did the bus ride for a general overview and then we set out on foot to see all of the snakes and lizards at the reptile house. The snakes were very active and we had extremely closeup views of slithering cobras, vipers and rattlesnakes. Max learned to distinguish the venomous snakes. And we were all impressed with the aquatic snakes that drape themselves vertically among submerged plants, and perfectly camouflage alongside the roots and stems.

Visiting the Children's Zoo is always worthwhile. There were three different kinds of wild kittens in the nursery, including lynxes. They are big eared, frisky and adorable. Alex found the wombat; very large, very asleep and not a bat, which is what he expected to find in the dim cave. Max found the meerkats to be the most endearing and he has proclaimed the meerkat to be a suitable pet for our family. He also enjoyed the petting zoo. Now this is one pet I would seriously consider for our Rancho; just think of the mowing capability! Either a La Mancha or a Nubien...

Very cute, but I think we'll leave them at the Zoo.

The Zoo is always best appreciated early in the day or late in the afternoon; everyone is more active and interactive at these times. The orangutans were climbing and socializing. Some were even interested in their visitors.

She made the same faces and expressions as the boy in front of her.

There were many babies to appreciate including a zebra, ducklings and the kittens I mentioned. We enjoyed watching this mother peahen with her chicks.

William has a few suggesions for future excursions, Alex too. Max is our reluctant tourist, but eventually he finds a silver lining, or popcorn. We want to visit another pond, maybe camp out some more, hike to the creek again, ride our bicycles up and down the hilly neighborhood streets. Of course there is swimming too. No formal plans, but plenty of fun just the same.

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