Monday, August 25, 2003

I think today I am Blogging just as an excuse to sit down. It's hot, and it is humid and also very hot. If I repeat myself it is likely the heat. Please excuse me.

Our weekend was very full, and as fulfilling. Friday night's MNO and collective birthday party was very fun. We enjoy each other's company too much for it ever to be a strain or effort. Invite us, serve some wine, light some candles...we'll do the rest. We laughed all night, and ate, and swam. B had the last laugh; when we thought we were surprising her on her birthday she came with gifts for all of us. Actually we all brought presents so we could play a game of exchanging and stealing. We all went home with something special for our birthdays. It seems like we all managed to leave with something we could really use, like a book titled "My Teen is Crazy," or that we really wanted, like a pedicure gift certificate. Looking at my feet in the picture below, I think I should have stolen the gift certificate!

Belinda bought us all slippers and flip-flops!

Saturday night, family came to see the Tilili slide show that I made from the reunion. We also swam and shared dinner. It was a relaxed evening, and they contributed a wonderful salad, and quite possibly the best ever chocolate chip cookies (I could be more certain about that judgment, but I'd have to have another sample.) Cristina, my sister, finally persuaded me to drag out my four boxes of neglected beads. They really were in a pitiful state. She couldn't resist organizing them for me, and I promised to keep them sorted and tidy until they can be put in to baggies. She went way beyond the call of duty, and I am grateful.

By Sunday I realized that I had all the makings for chile rellenos, and those always taste better when shared. I called Anne and Dave, Adam and Jacob, and they obliged us by coming to swim, and eat rellenos and beans, and papaya with lime. Mmmmmm. The pool felt wonderful in the early evening. Dave brought his camera, which is like ours. He uses the movie feature on the camera, and now I want to play with it too. I fully expect him to keep learning all about our camera, so he can pass his vast wealth of knowledge on to me.

Apart from all our fun with family and friends we are continuing to apply our sweat and imagination to our Rancho. We have always wanted a fountain to fill in the space at the entry, and we finally chose one, and bought it, and installed it. And the garage is completely organized and painted. The bright white walls, and all the clear corners should go a long way toward keeping down the black widow population.

Now I feel too hot even for sitting. Maybe we should watch the movie Ice Age or just get in the car and drive to the Oregon Coast, where my mother says Fall weather has already returned...

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