Thursday, August 28, 2003

Who's Fishy?

He's the beautiful blue betta fish that we gave to Max for his birthday. He lives in a bowl with pebbles and fresh water, on the counter by the kitchen table. We take turns for the honor of feeding him. Max named him Fishy.

What's epoxy?

Well now, that's a more difficult question to answer. Epoxy is a chemical compound, and this particular compound was formulated to adhere to the concrete floor of our garage. It hides stains and makes the garage look uber-special.

Why uber-special?

Uber-special is the way you want your garage, and indeed all your property, to look when you've decided to pack your saddle bags, pull up stakes and mosey out of town, which is my Rancho way of saying we are moving. Of course, before we can move we need to sell El Rancho, so now that it's been sufficiently spruced up we are putting up a sign and having an open house.

That fast?

It's not as sudden as you might think, and it certainly isn't an easy choice to make. This is a wonderful home, with many comforts to enjoy. I will miss the quiet and the view, the friendly neighbors, and the fruits of our labors. The time has come to try something new; maybe on a smaller scale, or in a new climate.

Are you sighing?

Ya. Sometimes I sigh, because I feel tired from all the work. Sometimes I sigh, because I feel emotionally overwhelmed. We are facing big changes, and it's sort of like working without a net...but that's not entirely true. We have a great safety net: our love, our faith, our friends and family, and our willingness to seek out possibilities and fulfill dreams.

Well, what's on for today?

I need to get to the nursery, and bring home plants to fill in bald spots in the yard. I also need to continue clearing clutter, fine tuning dusty corners and smudges, and maintaining a sparkling, showcase home, while still feeding and caring for three boys, three cats, three chicas and Fishy.

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