Thursday, August 14, 2003

*We Need Ice

Yes, some days I am inspired to write deep thoughts. Then there are days like this, when it is hot. Fricken hot. Fricken, roast chicken hot. Ever see a chicken pant? It's like totally dang hot. Ding dang hot. Both of our thermometers read 110 degrees. One digital hot, and another old fashioned hot. Both fricken hot. But it's a dry heat, except for the sweat puddling down my back.

I made ice cold lemonade and we drank it on the front porch, and we ate salty popcorn. Anne reminds me of the necessity of salt during hot weather. Margaritas have salt. Mmmm Margaritas. Yup. That's about it. I am on the far side of deep thoughts today. Vitamin C. The limes in Margaritas have vitamin C. That's good against scurvy. Heat like this could bring on SSS (Sudden Scurvy Syndrome.) Got to get me some prevention, fast.

That's it from me. What are you up to?

*Added August 15, 2010
I was looking through the archives and found this old photograph from that hot summer in 2003. Fortunately we had friends near the coast: Janice invited families to her home for a refreshing swim.

Alex was nine here, and that little guy on his left is now a sophomore- Alex S, William was twelve years old, and there's Henry, when he was eleven. In the blink of an eye.

It's strange, and fun, to have these posts going forward and backward in time.

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