Tuesday, September 16, 2003

3 Hens and Fog

Meet our flock: Black like night, with stars of white, and Luna when she bends over.

Chicken Blog. The Chicas are well. They have survived the worst of Summer's heat, and they are still laying eggs, scratching in the dirt, eating spiders, snails and crawly bugs. They are still delighting us with their antics. Gracie is the tamest of the three. She will sit on my lap and rest her head under my arm. If I cradle her, and gently rub her under her collar feathers, she falls asleep in my arms. Rosie and Luna come when called, but they run for the hills when given half a chance. They are forever on the lookout for something good to eat, and are not above trying a peck or two at naked toes. All three of the Chicas are molting. I thought that they would have lost their feathers about 6 months ago. But looking around their yard it is plain to see that it's happening now. Fluffy feathers, red, golden and brown, black and white, are everywhere. I don't know how long this will last, or how much they will lose. Hopefully they will be fully dressed before frost season.

It is foggy again, and the forecast is for cooler weather. We are so accustomed to heat that highs in the 80's feels cool. I think I may hang up our Fall wreath. It's a little early, but it makes me happy to see it, so what the hay. We made apple crisp from the apples we picked. On the stove I have a pot of cinnamon simmering, because it makes me feel cozy and sentimental. I guess I am just ready for a change, and a little comfort.

Gentle Gracie at the bubbler.

Always maintain eye contact with Rosie "the Rivetor."

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