Monday, September 15, 2003

Cosmic Farces

Are the cosmic farces telling us to stay put? Are the prayers of a few anonymous friends, who want us to remain Rancho residents, being heard and answered? Itchy frustration! Waiting for our home to sell is irritating! Naturally I had the intelligence to comprehend the home selling process as a long game of rushing about madly and then waiting, waiting and waiting. Waiting indefinitely. Naturally I harbored a delicious fantasy of choosing between bids after the second open house, and then finding the ideal transition home after a 45 day escrow.

Max is in his kitchen. He always cooks while I Blog. He takes special requests and delivers me ice cold lemonade, zesty pizza, thick and chewy brownies, crisp salads; he's particular about food colors, and fresh ingredients. Right now I am enjoying a slice of fresh baked apple pie with a glass of "blue, but normal, milk."

Alex and William are enjoying the last ten minutes of their freedom before school starts. Foremost in their hearts and thoughts is the DVD release of "BIONICLE: Mask of Light!" We are hosting a movie premiere for their friends on Sunday. My friends can enjoy an evening out while I serve a pack of Lego/BIONICLE/movie fans pizza pie, and pumpkin pie, popcorn and lemonade.

Geoff is at the office. He is writing a game. Basketball is being finished, and October is drawing near. Geoff is writing a game, or maybe not. Poor guy. I have enough limbo-mystery to contend with in trying to sell this house, but he is dealing with office limbo as well. He wouldn't like my "poor guy" remark. He should read my remark as compassion and also as me projecting myself in his position, in which I would appreciate the concern and sympathy.

If you have not heard, Grandma is doing well in Oregon. She and my Mom have probably rented out the entire inventory of their local video store, and they hit just about every local festival from blackberry to cranberry. They have been making jewelry together, hanging laundry, taking excursions, and being good to themselves. And Ron will soon be home. He has been volunteering at a National Park in Texas. He is cataloging animals, plants and insects in to a computer registry. Bill and Alison may come to town. Bill is looking forward to Super-Frog; just a little triathlon. Hans and Gretchen are back from Germany, which from all accounts was a fun and fulfilling vacation for them.

I'm just here; enjoying the view, making beds, collecting eggs, pruning roses, cleaning windows, feeding children. Waiting to sell this house is no fun, but I can see the whole picture. We are well, and we have plans. We are flexible too. Max thinks we'll be in Hawaii any day. Alex wants snow, and asks 'how many days is the drive from Wisconsin to Legoland?' And when in a moment of stress and despair I asked Geoff 'where are we going?' he answered in the perfect way, "We are going anywhere we choose, together."

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