Saturday, September 13, 2003

Out in the World

Jonagolds, ripe for picking.

I may have set a new record for number of consecutive days I have made my bed. The house is being maintained in ready to show condition, which is quite an endeavor. Three things help to achieve this effect: 1. a lot of constant cleaning 2. not doing anything that involves mess making 3. leaving the house.

Yesterday we left the house for a country drive, diner lunch and a visit to an apple orchard. Normally they don't allow customers to pick apples at this particular farm, but on this slow day Tyler took us to a tree full of Jonagold apples and let us pick a peck.

We also got to feed their baby goat, Ysabel. She enjoyed the green leaves from the cherry trees, and Max was more than happy to oblige her. We came home with a lot of apples, and 1/2 a gallon of fresh cider and good memories.

Last week we dropped in on Holly, Rich and Nicholas. They had great pictures from their Wisconsin vacation and we watched them as a slide show on their computer. We also shuttled down to Old Town for a tasty but strangely served breakfast. We aren't convinced our waiter actually worked there.

The next day we met Deanne, and her friend James ;-) at the park. We got their wedding plan update, which is very exciting. We also just enjoyed a relaxed and comfortable time drawing, playing ball, having lunch, chatting and laughing. I think Deanne must get plenty of useful feedback from these LEGO/BIONICLE enthusiasts.

So, we are enjoying our excursions, and enduring the stress of living in housing limbo, and the boys are happy and healthy. We don't actually know where we are going. Some friends think we are nuts. But what kind of nuts? Are we mac-nuts, beer nuts, or jelly dough-nuts? Most likely mixed nuts; together and happy that way.

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