Thursday, September 25, 2003

Thanks, I needed that. Mom's Night Out came just in time, as usual. I was so tired and stressed, that I had almost convinced myself to skip it, but Geoff gently persuaded. It wasn't fun trying to explain our latest life chapter, but the delicious food, soft lighting, and supportive, encouraging circle of good friends helped. Of course they couldn't really be good friends if they were 100% in agreement with us moving from the Rancho, and possibly to a remote Pacific Island, the Midwest, Canada or even just our RV. Their surprise and disappointment were just enough to remind me that this is going to be a major adjustment. I have avoided deep thoughts on the subject of leaving behind a dozen, or more, dear friends.

Fortunately, they have wasted no time in finding solutions. Today, when we go over the offer from the prospective buyer, we must counteroffer with a higher price; sufficient to cover airline tickets for at least 10 women, annually for three years. It sounds reasonable to me. If we can't find a buyer that can make the numbers come out, then it's simply not good enough. Geoff will understand.

At some point I will have to think deeply about what it means to move away from my friends. I cannot easily say that 'I will make new friends wherever I go.' The laughter and generosity, the compassion and sincerity of love, the genuine kindness that I find in these women is wholly unique, and I had not known anything like it in my life. It's not just about sitting around with chilled wine and swapping PTA stories. We have found sisters. We have found different views and different methods, and a common desire to be in each others company in circumstances both joyful, and wrenching. Because of them, I cannot imagine moving away. Because of them, I will be able to, because they show me my own strength, and when I do not know it's there, they share their own.

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