Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Even in chaos there is time to email, and Blog! Go figure!

Movers came today and much to everyone's surprise we got about 95% of our stuff outta here. This is great. We also learned that in the entire county, Escondido has the worst air quality: "Hazardous." It feels hazardous, and we have almost no visibility beyond our neighbor's homes. The fire came within just a few miles of here...on the north side of Wild Animal Park, but seems to be making a slow move east. No wind is our salvation.

There are about a thousand emotional details that are weighing us down, especially when we hear about all the losses and damages. Places that are near and dear are in terrible danger, or even completely lost. We saw Bate's Nut Farm surrounded by flames and can only imagine that the outcome is grim. Now Julian, Palomar, Wynola, Santa Isabel and Pine Valley have been added to the mandatory evacuation. These places are very special to me, and I am trying to believe that we will see them again, unscathed.

Dirk Sutro just gave us a call. He read Chicken Blog and thought to check in on us. Just last month we were enjoying our luxury ride up the 78 and through the back country to Julian, and around Mount Palomar. He'll be taking calls from listeners and I think there will be a lot of people that will appreciate having a sympathetic ear as they share their stories.

For now our story is one of relief and gratitude. We have some obstacles yet, and I stink real bad too, but the boys are playing in the home of good friends, and we were fed last night by another dear family. The scope of all that we, as San Diegans, are enduring is unbelievable. Please pray for us all, particularly for the firefighters and other people working to serve and protect. It's time for some relief for everyone.

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