Monday, October 27, 2003

Last Blog from the Rancho...well, I can't say this is anything like I imagined. We have lost our belt of clear sky, and all around is a murky and ashen fog. I feel keenly in tune and yet completely oblivious. Reality has reached a level a surrealism that is interfering with my senses. I do not want to drive away. I do not want to believe we have reached a point of certain danger. I do not want to accept a probability of loss. Damn. I'm stubborn.

Anne asked whether there will still be a Chicken Blog. Yes, I will still sit at a computer and think deep thoughts and share little bits of this and that. I will still wear my boots and hat, and dig in a garden. And I will look forward to a day when I can raise chicks again.

Thanks to everyone that wrote or called about Nena, and about the fires, and about our big changes. Stay in touch.

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