Wednesday, January 14, 2004

To Hawaii!

Aloha! Yep. We are on the Big Island. William and I are limping around on our twisted ankles; William's was sprained at Hapuna Beach, in the dip riddled surf. I twisted my ankle a few days before our flight. Oh woe is we...a small pity party for injured vacationers. We have had two beach days, but yesterday was mostly a National Geographic Channel day...blech for too much loafing. So today we are going to inch our way out in to the world and see what we can accomplish. Hopefully we can swim at Dig Me Beach. I will enjoy watching Max and Alex ride the waves on their boogie board. What we all eagerly await is the day Geoff flies in...1 week and counting. Max woke up and was quite certain he had walked in to the living room where he found his Daddy standing and waiting to hug him. It wasn't any fun to explain he was dreaming. " You must have been thinking of Daddy at the same time he was thinking of you, so he came to you in a dream."

Paradise is nice, but we miss our friends and family. Can we agree to all come to Hawaii together someday?

*January 2011 Update: Reflecting on this trip, with pictures.

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