Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Go, go, go.

We just go and go and go, and grow. Geoff said wistfully, "You haven't blogged." And he's right. I haven't been writing much, because by the end of the day there's little energy left to compose deep thoughts. Also, at the beginning of the day it is bitterly cold downstairs, so weather is cramping my style. Mostly though we are just plain busy.

On Sunday we met Nicholas at the Zoo. He brought along his buddy, Jack, and his mom and dad. We spent the best part of the afternoon petting goats, looking for hippos, sitting with the orangutans, and riding across the zoo on the Skyfari. All the fun was in honor of Nicholas' 4th birthday. We wrapped up the celebrating, at Holly and Rich's, with cake and a visit from Kristin. 4 years old! 4! We knew him when he was just starting out. Where does the time go?

Next door to our Tree House we have a new neighbor. Her name is Tamsyn and she will very soon be 10 years old. For Alex, Max and William the last half of the winter break was spent playing with their new friend. Alex especially has found a kindred spirit, as Tamsyn is as enamored of camping, survival and wilderness, animals and nature, as Alex is, so they are making the most of backyard adventures and teepee construction. They have high hopes of enjoying a real campfire and capturing a live rabbit. Last night all the children stayed out past dark with the glow sticks from uncle Hans and aunt Gretchen. Max is already preparing the flashlight he received from aunt Alison and uncle Bill for further late night explores. I am glad Tamsyn's two dogs stay by the children, and that we can hear them all playing happily together on the bluff, down the slopes, and in the garden.

So, we continue to go to interesting places and enjoy the company of good people. And the boys continue to grow; learning new skills, and making new friends. Simple. Good.

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