Wednesday, January 28, 2004

In an email that came this morning, it was pointed out that I did not mention bugs in my Hawaiian Vacation Summation. It's true, I did sort of gloss that over. So, let's talk about bugs; namely mosquitos. Damn the mosquitos!! Sure, if you take no offense to DEET and other nefarious bio-agents and nerve toxins, then mosquitos are no matter. Another option is to spend your days and nights, in the tropics, wearing long everything...long sleeves, long pants etc. There is also the recluse method. Stay in mostly, and avoid damp, shady places. Obviously, if they don't bite you, or if your body is fairly indifferent to bug spit injected into your dermis, then things are cool.

For Alex things are not so cool, and he has had many bad, (real bad) mosquito encounters; not just in Hawaii. Mosquito bites and their itchy bumps are a common rite of passage for most, but Alex gets hives over his entire body and then his feet swell, so that his shoes can't fit, which is just as well since he is unable to walk because of the pain in his joints. Deet did not work, and mosquitos can bite through long pants. Staying in the house is actually a natural inclination for my boys, but I do like to expose them to the outdoors periodically. The bad news is that Alex experiences an understandable degree of apprehension about traveling to mosquito habitats. The good news is that though he was bit, only one bite got ugly, and he did not swell or suffer as he has before. Hopefully his rite of passage has passed.

Mosquitos suck. They really do.

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