Monday, February 02, 2004

This is busting me up. Yes, I watched the game. Once a year I watch football, and like every year I chose the winning team. It's all about the commercials, which were mostly uninspired this year. Unfortunately I did not watch the half time show...I sort of popped in and out of the room, but was never so engrossed that I wouldn't rather fold laundry. For the most part my impression of the performers was that they were there not to entertain the viewers, but to assert their "Look at me; I am popular" platforms. It was boring. So, why am I busting up? Janet showed titty. And people are offended by her calculated or accidental flash dance with Justin. Music videos and entertainment and awards shows crossed the tasteless barrier ages ago, and I am more amused than appalled. Why was the show a "celebration" suitable for families when Justin and Janet were pumping and grinding in a dance meant to simulate sex, but offensive when a breast was sort of exposed? It seems to me the whole event was a celebration of overexposure.

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