Thursday, February 12, 2004

James and Deanne's Napa Wedding

Newlyweds in a tapestry at the Clos Du Val Winery, Napa.

As I mentioned, James and Deanne's wedding was beautiful. Holly, Rich and Nicholas, and our family drove to Napa a few days before the main event, and we had loads of fun. The boys were well behaved, mostly, and we enjoyed luxury accomodations, with swans in ponds and complimentary breakfast. Never underestimate the satisfaction of feeding 4 growing boys for free. James and Deanne are friends that are as much like family as one could hope for, so meeting their families and other friends was a pleasure. Both James and Deanne have a gift for being generous hosts. Every day we celebrated was like a feast for the body and soul. Good food, fine wines, warm hearts, laughing, dancing, and relaxing...we enjoyed it all, thanks to the newlyweds.

General announcement: Holly and I request that any invitations for formal occasions come before our children outgrow their new suits and shoes. Please.

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