Wednesday, February 11, 2004

I am cleaning today. It's the kind of cleaning that gets down into the fibers and sucks up deeply embedded grime. Litter boxes, barf on carpet, donating clothes that I never find the occasion to wear, dismantling the little stacks and stashes that are falling over and invading paths and work surfaces.

Hopefully I will clean to the point where I can begin to finish unpacking; not just from Tacupeto, or from Christmas in Capitola, 3 weeks in Hawaii, or our trip to Napa, but from moving here too. It's only been a few months since we claimed the Tree House as our own, and I think it's time we actually move in. The boxes of China that Anne helped me pack are still sitting by the front door. In every room there is at least one open box with contents that have yet to be filed or placed...

I've got some kind of hitch in my get-along; maybe we've done A LOT, and I just can't appreciate it, or maybe I can't gather the oomph to really accomplish what needs doing around here. For instance, I am still mentally abusing myself over the fact that I did not send Christmas cards this year. This seriously disappoints me, and I even reasoned that I would do Valentine's greetings instead. That ain't happening either.

And poor Chicken Blog; I've hardly touched it this year. I should have posted pictures from Hawaii, and I meant to write about the impending nuptials of James and Deanne (already a done deal: beautiful wedding.) In the past Chicken Blog has been my "reach out and communicate center," but the same hitch that has held up domestic industry has also got hold of my tongue. I don't necessarily need to report every bump and scrape, but I could stand to clear my thoughts as well as my pantry and garage.

We are a few days into the new year, but if it's not too late I think I am ready to make my resolution. I resolve to seek clarity, to clear clutter, simplify, and to share my thoughts, so that my mind can clear as well...I also seek absolution from some higher authority...I need that fresh start feeling.

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