Friday, March 12, 2004

Full Days

I've been wanting to write, but I can't seem to find the right subject. So, I will turn to my other interest: photos of stuff I like.

William's birthday came and went with all the low key discretion required of our shy 13 year old son.

But no matter how little fanfare you want, always leave room for some pie!

Geoff's January birthday was celebrated family style, and low key as well. We spent the night at Mom and Corm's under-construction home. Okay, for the sake of full disclosure: I was at a hotel, but for exceptional circumstances...otherwise I never miss a chance to camp in the rain and sleep on lava rocks.

My Mom came south for a visit. She spent time with Grandma and Becky and all, and she also stayed with Hans and Gretchen. And of course no visit to So Cal is complete without breakfast at The Diner.

We were there for Oscar Sunday, when all the staff come to work in their finest garb. For great food, and Dominic's big, bold, beautiful art, and laughter nothing beats a 101 breakfast.

It was a treat having my Mom here. We didn't play tourist too much, but we did have nice long talks, watched a few flicks, played with beads, and lingered over dinner with Napa wine and Bandon cranberries. The good stuff.

After taking my Mom to the airport the boys and I were drawn to the harbor where 2 cruise ships were in port. We walked along the Harbor and counted the art trees, then toured the Maritime Museum of San Diego. Haven't seen Master and Commander, but we did enjoy seeing the HMS Surprise from the movie. We also went on The Star of India and The Berkley.

Well, you are pretty much caught up with us. How about you? What's new?

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