Saturday, March 13, 2004

Let's meet at the park. Five words that led to a good afternoon. Anne and I agreed on a time, 3:15, and a place, the duck pond. Tamsyn, our neighbor and friend, came by the house after school and, with her dad's permission, she joined us on our adventure. We didn't make it up to the top of the park, where there is a playground, but there was plenty to do for 6 active children. We made an easy hike up to the tower, and through some obstacle courses. "Chutes and ladders" is what Jacob call the fixed logs and steep sandstone gulleys. At the pond we had hoped to find Spring ducklings...not yet. We fed the ducks that were there, then watched the children construct bark, stick and leaf boats. Alex and Tamsyn credit the success of their boat to patient construction. Max was no less proud of his pond faring vessel.

Sometimes a good time just happens, especially without planning and fretting. We could have brough water bottles and bug spray, or organized a picnic. I hope we can meet at the park again, with as little effort and as much success.

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