Thursday, August 19, 2004

Last week:

We attended the 19th almost-annual Tilili Family Reunion. It was at Mission Bay again this year, and I thought there was a pretty big turn out. I had no idea my abuelos would be there, which was a very pleasant surprise. The other treat was enjoying the day with Hans and Gretchen. We met before the actual event to have a "who's who family refresher." The family is huge and growing, so if you don't attend a few reunions, it can be quite overwhelming.

I am frustrated about not being able to post pictures (still waiting to figure out this glitch) and I am too brain drained to write elaborate descriptions of the days events, the chisme, to describe all the cute new babies, and to wax poetic about the comforting sense of connectedness one can feel at family gatherings. Of course I did take a lot of pictures. Pictures of us eating all the delicious potluck offerings, and of children digging in the sand and chasing their tio Gilberto. I got pictures of yawning babies, and toddling toddlers, maturing teenage boys and cousins flying a kite.

Next week:

The boys and I, less Geoff, are hopping aboard the Coast Starlight for a ride to Oregon. Adventures await! We hope to enjoy beach walks, berry picking, crabbing and sightseeing in quaint Bandon By The Sea. Alex and Max are particularly excited, their bags are packed, and they are eager to settle in to our sleeper car and then see what train riding is all about.

I am trying to take it easy, pack light, relax, anticipate, troubleshoot, and go with the flow... all at once. The Papaya and I still seem to be negotiating our cohabitation of my body. I still throw-up spontaneously (not pretty.) And I haven't enjoyed that surge of energy and ease that I had in my other pregnancies. Meanwhile she insists on Kalamata olives, and 3 a.m. dancing. Last night I had a very rude awakening when I read in my pregnancy bible: "As the second trimester finishes, you may find yourself feeling tired..." !!! Where did my "not feeling tired" phase go?! Who'll take my complaint? The Universe owes me a trimester of energy and a lovely pregnancy glow, without nausea, and a firm butt, and fresh breath, and maybe a winning lotto ticket.

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