Saturday, August 21, 2004

The other next week... our big adventure hit a snag. Because of Western wildfires Amtrak has had to make route changes... to make a short story long: We don't get to play until later. Our trip is postponed, which is better than cancelled, but I still feel stressed and disappointed. I have been putting all my physical and emotional energy in to preparing for tomorrow. So low is my energy that even packing felt monumental, and now I need to unpack, then start all over again. Gripe. Gripe. I suppose there are lives even more seriously disrupted by the fires. So as not to seem too shallow and selfish, I will observe a moment of silence.

Now, for some really big news: I found jeans. Denim pants that look good, feel good and were even very affordable. I had nearly given up on finding maternity jeans that weren't cut for anorexic supermodels that think a waistline is the zone 2 inches above the pubic bone. They were the only pair hanging on the Target rack and when I put them on I nearly squealed audibly. They are comfortable and good. They make me really, really happy. When cooler weather comes I will wear them with my cowgirl boots and I will feel strong, able and beautiful.

The boys are well. The cats are happy. I have jeans. Sweet.

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