Sunday, August 22, 2004

Being at a computer is somehow a legitimate way to squander time. If I were parked in front of the TV it would appear as though I were wasting time, being lazy. Butt, when I am in front of a computer there is the appearance of work being accomplished; it's an intellectual pursuit, an interactive process. "I need to check my email" sounds like a reasonable excuse for sitting in the comfortable chair and staring blankly at 9 offers for drugs, breasts and second mortgages. Surfing the internet is vital to my ability to stay informed and connected. So, even if there is a stack of unsorted mail on the kitchen counter, the children haven't been fed, or ants have built a superhighway through my kitchen I feel justified. There are very important things, necessary "stuffs," for me to attend to, here on the computer, far from the laundry, dishes and bills.

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