Saturday, August 28, 2004

Much To Do

We have lots to do. We need to make a plan. First we need to eat. Geoff is on his way to Pipes, and will return with breakfast; when hunger strikes, follow the surfers to their local eatery, and you will find well made, cheap, tasty food, in huge portions.

After we eat, we want to bring a bed frame out of the garage: Max is ready, eager even, to transition from his toddler bed in our room, to a high bed in the big boy room. This is good. He is not one to go for changes, and this is one of those changes that is becoming increasingly necessary. For all the furniture shuffling this will require, we will be glad we had the big breakfast.

At some point we need to transition from domestic chores to social calls, and head south for a visit with Nicholas, Holly and Rich. Either we will all go do something culturally enriching and educational, or we will go to the mall and look at hermit crabs.

Throughout the day we will wage war against the ants. They were a nuisance, then a plague, and now they are Public Enemy Numero Uno. They must die. They have committed unspeakable crimes against Alex's beloved crabs, and our pacifist, peace loving, environmentalist, granola munching resolve has dissolved. Die ants, die!


Mail Sophie and Grandma Nancy's birthday gifts
Do some laundry
Write thank you cards to very many people to whom we are very many grateful
Pack for the Oregon Trail Version 2.0

The Papaya has her own "to do" list to work off of. She is a junior Olympian practicing springboard diving, the high jump, gymnastics, and white water rafting without a kayak. Judging by her consistent and energetic resolve, she will take gold in all her events.

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