Thursday, September 23, 2004

Some questions:

Do I really need to buy a special detergent to wash new baby clothes in (Dreft, or whatever)?

Do my favorite jeans really make my butt look big, or does my big butt make my butt look big?

Would you sign a one year lease on a house you are grateful for, but not inspired to live in for more than another 3 months?

? Quien es mas macho, George W., or John Kerry or Yusuf Islam?

How long could you live in a Yurt? And remain happily married?

Couldn't I just wash the baby clothes in the regular family detergent?

Is it too soon to wash the baby's clothes?

Are you surprised I'm even thinking of baby clothes already?

Do you think really, really high frequency sound waves would kill the ants and their queen?

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Anonymous said...

i think that i shall never see a comment lovely as a tree.