Thursday, November 18, 2004

"New Life." That's the subject that appeared in my email this morning.

Welcome to the world baby Jordan. The pictures show a proud dad, Gabe, and his handsome son, Griffin, and a content and delicious baby girl with a thick stack of dark blonde hair piled atop her round head. Hopefully mom was in a big comfy bed and enjoying a restful nap. Congratulations Betsy and Gabe and Griffin, and the grandmas, and aunts, and great uncles, and cousins; all of us are blessed to have a new life in the world.

I haven't seen pictures of baby Lucas, born to Marcia and Gil. Their baby came last week, and I know he's got lots of family falling in love with him as well. His big brother, Nicholas, will no doubt be very proud. Welcome to the family baby boy.

Meanwhile, our baby is biding her time, keeping us in suspense, and keeping me up with her aerobic dancing. Not much chance of her coming early, since we believe we are fully prepared, or will she? One never knows... At least the crib isn't going to waste. It took 2 days for Chango to discover the secure warmth and comfort of the baby's bed, but he is making the most of it while he can. Yes, I know we'll have to break this habit. Fortunately, he is freaked out by the mobile when it turns and plays Brahm's Lullaby.

Our evenings are quiet. Max is pushing through his latest math book, with Geek pride and enthusiasm. I marvel at his dedication. Even as he was getting sleepy, he insisted on finishing one last page for a gold star sticker. William is reading Never Cry Wolf, and enjoying it. We are looking forward to watching the movie together. And Alex is reading too. He is finishing the third novel in the LEGO BIONICLE series. Geoff is reading Abarat, Clive Barker's contribution to teen literature; he and William have been totally absorbed in both Abarat books. I am thumbing through Christmas catalogs, helping Max, supressing labor anxiety, and wondering what possessed me to buy a fresh turkey already.

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