Tuesday, November 16, 2004

We went to Babies R Us. We came home with a crib. It was not an easy process. This is a place with acres and acres, and miles of aisles, and we had to make choices, and I didn't relish the idea of ever returning there, so I forged ahead. I like the crib we chose, but between all the styles, colors, prices, features and finding suitable ones that were then out of stock, I was totally not loving the process. Geoff is a good shopper. He notes the rail mechanisms and color finish. He considers the redeeming qualities and downsides. I just wanted to be at Ikea, where my choices were "cheap," "not as cheap" or "good enough."

The boys were good. We did lose Alex's enthusiasm after a bit though. Max thought we were choosing the bedding that came in the crib, and he would ask biting questions, like: "Are we really Pooh people?" And eventually we did have to choose bedding, and a mattress. Again, the choices were too much for me. I threw a cream bumper in to the cart, which Geoff pointed out to me was uninspired and did little to compliment the honey colored crib we had finally settled on. We were unanimous on some points: no circuses, clowns or jungle themes. Alex and William both agreed with me that crocodiles in the crib is creepy, and we were also appalled by the bumper with kangaroos and elephants on the same savannah.

Max was inquisitive and a quick study of dust ruffles, color, and quality features. Alex was thirsty and ready to have the whole event finished. William was very cooperative, supportive and fair minded. Geoff showed terrific stamina, good taste and thoughtfulness. I was really glad not to be doing this alone.

Oh, and we chose the farm bedding theme. I couldn't resist the chickens.

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