Thursday, December 23, 2004

3 cousins.

Nicholas will be 5 years old in just a few days. He and Max helped take care of Maria, while everyone enjoyed a wonderful gathering in Deanne and James' home. The cousins were togther again last night for a few runs down the "snow" at The Wild Animal Park. (Free Advice: Go to WAP before winter break. The lines were ginormous last night.) I hope we can find some real snow this winter. Thinking of a cabin weekend, with genuine piney fragrance and hot cocoa. Making more cousin memories.


Anonymous said...

Natalie--I found out we just got unlucky on our chosen night for Snow Hill. Apparently, we picked the one night when the Girl Scouts do the "December Nights" craft booths. Thus the large crowds and long lines.

Anonymous said...

You are in San Diego? I didn't realize that for some reason. I'm a former San Diegan - transplanted to the NW. I love the NW - but there are times I really do miss America's Finest City.