Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas.

Upstairs Maria is waking from another nap. She has been awake more hours today than any other day in her life. She has been mostly content or at least consolable. She had a bath, and her hair curled in to shiney black, damp ringlets. We gave her two books and a dress for Christmas. She'll want to eat soon. She likes to eat, and sleep, and to be held close.

Max is playing with the Lego Knight's Castle that came from Santa. Santa came with many gifts. The families sent many gifts. There are gifts everywhere. Alex has been assembling lots of things for us, and Geoff has been trouble shooting new software and PC games. But Max is just playing. He can turn flags on the castle when it is seiged and taken over by the bad guys, and then just as simply the good guys can over turn everything and the castle reverts to goodness, and the flags are flipped back to show the dignified lion crest...

I thought I could say more, but Maria is ready for her dinner now. Things are normal, and quiet, and we are blessed and warm and safe, and there cannot be a better Christmas than when all is calm and bright like it is tonight.

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