Saturday, April 16, 2005

Drum roll please: I cleaned out my purse-diaper bag-first aid kit-toy chest-"honey can you hold this?" bag. It weighed 17 pounds and 4 ounces, smelled like old Wrigley's and melted crayon, and caused my right shoulder to audibly wince with pain.

Is every store giving a frequent shopper or discount card? I have about 24 of those. I found a lot of old receipts, of course, and also some movie ticket stubs. It was nice to find the ticket stubs, because it proves that we have left the neighborhood for something other than orange juice and bread. At the very bottom of the bag was Maria's knit hat from the hospital. It's small, like she was.

With trash removed, and cards, keys and butt wipes reshuffled and in order, I feel a lightness. I may have a better day, an easier week. My clean bag will be the catalyst for great things, like making a dental appointment, getting my haircut, sending personal mail.

What would you do if you could do something extra? Something new, or special, out of the ordinary? I need to indulge a whim or pursue an interest; it's a personal challenge and a treat. I counted money in my loose change basket, and it adds up to a significant amount. For me it seems to be more of a challenge than a treat. I feel a little tormented trying to think of something to do with the money. I also feel the blessing of not having to use the money for bills, which makes me feel all the more pressured to make really good use of the money. Do not suggest charity... it's noble and I do contribute, but this is an exercise in being charitable to myself. I want to be sure that I don't wind up spending it on a car wash, new shoes for the boys and toilet paper...

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