Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Shhh! The baby's sleepin'.

I showered and got the boys rolling on their school work. Now I have, possibly, a few moments to update Chicken Blog with insight and wit. I laugh. Making myself laugh is a gift I very much apprecitate. I laugh because I am amused by the idea that I presume to have wit or insight.

What's new? We saw Sideways last night, and The Castle the night before. We are Netflix fixed and loving it. Swiss Family Robinson, Spanglish and Sex and the City: Season 4: Disc 2, are on their way.

What else? Today Grandma V. is on her way to be with Delia and Ron in Oregon. I like to think of her and my mom gardening together and making jewelry too. They'll soon be at the Coos Bay Farmer's Market, and perhaps enjoying a cranberry pizza sometime soon.

Que mas? We started cleaning up the RV. It was our escape from Firestorm 2003 vehicle and we have sort of neglected it ever since. Okay confession: We found six of the Chica's eggs in the refrigerator. Fresh eggs were packed in October 2003, transported from east to west and stored for a very long time. Talk about WMD!!! I don't know the science of eggs gone bad, but these did not stink or glow, or excrete foul fluids. What's up with that. We did handle them with care and disposed of them like UXB. They are on their way to the landfill. Sigh of relief. And, also, I did have an emotional moment, because I miss my Chicas.

Back to school. Alex is adding mixed fractions and needs some help reducing them...

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Janece said...

Oh, I've gone all Netflix-y too. I just started it about a month ago and am so very hooked. Right now (hushed confessional tone), I'm addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I slip movies inbetween so I don't dream about slaying vampires. ;) I could do a treatise though on the various themes that have been addressed in the series. It's been fascinating.

Okay - I've got to get to my canvas - or I'm not going to get any painting done today. Take care! :)