Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Late morning, sun shining, still in our 'jamas. It's all good.
Maria and I strolled around the yard for a bit, then stopped to water our little garden.

Max and I dropped by a nursery last week and brought home some herbs and a tomato, zinnias, a daisy, marigolds and lemon balm. We rummaged around the yard to collect pots, we chased away spiders, then we potted our new garden. It is small, but gratifying. I wish we had a good spot for more tomatoes, some zucchini (it only takes one zucchini to have plenty) and Alex was asking about pumpkins. It would be nice to plant pumpkins. No room. No room. So we'll make the most of our potted garden. It cheers up the entry to our Treehouse. It cheers me too.

Even a few plants grown in containers can yield a pretty bouquet.

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