Sunday, June 26, 2005

Local Tourists

We have been playing tourist, in our own county, and enjoying local sights. It's all thanks to the eased up pace at Geoff's office. During the week he has to be on hand to deal with bugs, and over the weekend he has been free to hang out with us.

So far we have been to the shore at dark to appreciate the red tide; which from the website only looks like something to be deathly afraid of. After dark the red tide does something indescribably magical. Allow me to describe the indescribable: The waves glow an irridescent aquamarine, and if you walk in the water and sand everything that contacts the algae glows as well. It sparkles, moves and shines brightly. We ran up and down the beach saying "OOH" and Ahhhh" and "look at this, look at this." Our feet twinkled, and sticks dragged through the sand made a luminous trail.

We also went to LEGOLAND, Cabrillo National Monument, and back to the Maritime Museum of San Diego... next we have tickets for Summer Pops. It may be awhile before we have time for an extended vacation, but in the meantime we can wear ourselves out in pursuit of local fun.

The Lighthouse at Cabrillo.

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Janece said...

Oh, you were so close to my old home in San Diego... I lived 10 minutes (tops!) from the Lighthouse.

My Dad captured a great photo of the lighthouse. You can see it here: (top right hand corner). I wish you could see a large picture of it - it is truly breathtaking.

Your local touristing (is that a word?) sounds awesome! :) I should have done more of that. I lived in San Diego for 13+ years and never saw the red tide. How's that for sad? :s

Keep posting about your adventures! :)