Friday, July 08, 2005

Econ Reality

Good morning.

Geoff has been in Hawaii. Yup. We are at it again: House hunting... we are seriously considering storing all our worldly treasures and living in our RV until the Bubble Bursts. We are not destitute. We are not unwilling to work. We don't mind a fixer-upper. The problem is we live in California, and unfortunately the housing mark-up insanity has spread to our back up state, Hawaii. Oregon could work, but there are no jobs there. Basically we are face to face with a disappointing reality, so we keep looking away.

Our 16th wedding anniversary came and went. The boys and I marked the occasion with low carb ice cream sandwiches. Do you know what makes them low carb? They are only 1.75 inches in diameter and taste like the box they came in.

I know, there is greater suffering in the world, but I need just a few more minutes to wallow in my pity party. Sometimes maturity is overrated.

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