Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Alex and I saw this creature on the morning news a few days ago. Don't click on the link just yet. Prepare yourself. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, and bear in mind: The unfortunate creature is not abused or unloved, he's simply a really, truly ugly dog. Well just about everyone has a blog, so why not Sam?: Sam & Susie's Blog Can't get enough (we couldn't)... be sure and see the CNN clip, so you can hear Sam too.

Oh, and another thing... someone needs to call landlord Bob and tell him his washer died. It happened Monday, but we didn't hear from the coroner, our extremely competent appliance repairman, until today. "The Calypso Washer is junk." He thinks it could cost as much as $400 to get it running again. Sorry Bob. I don't think Bob's going to rush over and replace it. I think we will switch it with our washer. When Bob's dryer died we paid the hefty repair bill, but it wasn't as hefty as $400... I wonder how long we can put off moving the busted Calypso out and slipping in our machine... laundry do pile up around here. I said "do" instead of "does" intentionally, because "do" sounds like a more present tense than does, and presently the laundry is accumulating. I don't have a picture to post of the silent washer or the laundry. How about a picture of Maria?

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