Friday, August 26, 2005

I really want to write: "Check me out" or "Well, here I am,"

BUT I think we all know what a huge lie that would be. This is actually one of my extremely gifted, bright and beautiful sisters-in-law. Remember Alison, and all the Bill and Alison wedding pictures I posted two years ago in May? Well, when Alison isn't at the office or helping roll burritos, she's kicking up the waves on her wakeboard. Bill sent me the picture in email. He invites us to join them at the Lake, try wakeboarding, check out the boat. It doesn't seem likely that we'll get up there this year. It might be a good idea to secretly train and improve our *skills* first. In the meantime I'll just study Alison's awesome moves.

Speaking of awesome moves and skills... William created this no smoking image for a campaign to ban smoking from family public places like LEGOLAND.

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